FAQ Drivers

  • How much can I earn as a driver?
  • It depends on the following factors:
    - How often you drive;
    - Where you dirve;
    - When you drive;
    - If you have a partial or full covering.
    You are paid for each driven kilometre. The price for the kilometre depends on:
    How many people are around you, where you drive, when you drive and if you have a partial or full covering.
    - Partial covering: max. 400 Euro / month (covering on the both side panels and on the the rear window)
    - Full covering: max. 700 / month (covering on all vehicle metal parts)

  • Which costs arise for me?
  • As a driver, you do not bear any costs. Just foil your vehicle, drive it and earn money!

  • Where can I download the Driver App?
  • You can find the Folyo Drivers App in the App Store (Link). At the moment the App is available only for iOS, but we are about to develop the Android version.

  • What should I do after downloading the App?
  • Register yourself and your vehicle in the App. Start the App and drive your first 50 km, after that you will be available for suitable campaigns.

  • How can I cash out my balance?
  • In the end of every month your balance will be transferred to the bank account you provided us. Alternatively we can send it to your PayPal account.

  • Do I earn money while driving outside of the determined location?
  • Unfortunately we can only pay you out if you drive within the advertising space determined by the customer.

  • How long do the campaigns last?
  • It depends on the customer’s wishes. Some campaigns last one month, others can last half a year.

  • What do I need to drive with Folyo?
  • – You need to be at least 18 years old
    - You need to have a driving license
    - Your vehicle should be produced 2013 or later.

  • How long does it take to foil the car?
  • Partial covering is made in an hour; full covering can last till 6 hours. Your Folyo covering company provides you with an Uber coupon and serves you a cup of coffee.

  • Can the covering damage my vehicle?
  • No, on the contrary, the covering protects the vehicle paint. If something unforeseen occurs (which is highly unlikely), our insurance will of course bear all costs.

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